Wednesday, January 5, 2011


If Matt can ask for stuff on Panhead exhausts and what not, why can't I? If anyone has any of the following send it to Matt...that way he thinks its for him, then when he opens it...boom...its for me!
ps. My back is really hurting too...any advise would be much appreciated.


  1. hey dean there is this place down near melbourne that i visited and you can sit out in the freezing cold til its just before dark and watch a whole bunch of little penguins (not ones like the photo..they are big ones)...but little ones all walk up the beach in a line to go to bed in their houses...and if i knew how much you loved them i would have nicked one for you..then you could have put it behind your back when you were driving or sitting on the couch as a lower back lumbar support.

  2. I was busting for one of those Fantic Choppers when I was 17. One kid in Belfast had one. Rusted like a bugger; especially that twisted wrought iron bit welded across the bars. Classic.

  3. Matt don't tell me stuff like that...thats like my ultimate dream! Although in my dream I go round hugging as many of them as possible! They make great waiters too apparently?
    Fantic Choppers are the dogs bollocks.

  4. On your back on the floor knees up, your lower back will be off the floor. Exhale and tighten your gut and push your spine to the floor with your gut muscles. do it three times. Then in the same position cross one leg over your knee and push the knee towards the floor as you twist your upper torso the opposite direction move your lower arm out in the direction of the twist, just do it as far as you can and slow and steady. Then do the opposite way. Go to a yoga studio. Best thing for your back and every thing else, like catching a look at a hot woman in down dog!!