Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lance's Whip.

"Good evening Matt, Finally getting my Chopper Moon board set up. Independent golds and some 60mm OJ's. Cruising is not a crime!"
Lance Busch

Miami, Key West And A Street Glide.

A few weeks back we took a 5 day break in Florida. Much needed after working in a cold wet Europe with a bad case of the flu. Stepping off the plane at Miami airport and into the tropical heat was a great start to what turned out to be an amazing holiday. Checked into the hotel at Miami Beach then dashed over to Peterson's Harley Davidson and picked up a 2014 Street Glide Special. Very nice people they were too. The bike was pretty much brand new and was the perfect machine for the 165 mile ride down the Keys to Key West. It's kind of hard to put into words how good that ride was. I can tell you it was warm, the views were spectacular, the bike was fast and comfy and Key West is a great town. If you haven't been before then I highly recommend planning a trip down there soon. Never mind a rental car, it really doesn't get much better than being on a bike no matter where you are but down there was just that little bit special. Although a word of warning. Handing back the bike on the way to the airport was not that easy a thing to do.

The Vicious Cycles.

Take a gander at their Brand new video for 'I Roll The Dice' and download the song for FREE HERE Taken from the new album 'Bad News Travels Fast' coming out April 1 on Teenage Rampage. Tour dates for Canada and the West Coast USA coming real soon...get stoked!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mama Tried. Milwaukee.

The Mama Tried is a show curated by Warren Jr and Scott. Last Saturday was the inaugural event. Held in an abandoned warehouse close to the Harley museum in Milwaukee. What I love about shows like this is the wide variety of bikes on display and the attitude of the people who attend, a large number of whom turned out to see the bikes. It was a huge success. Every town should have something like this. Good work my brothers. Looking forward to next year already. Milwaukee is a great city, not that I saw too much of it because it was bloody freezing. Friday night saw the Dice/Mama Tried pre party at the HD museum bar. A great night, in fact the whole weekend was a very good time indeed.

Magnum 500 At Turnhout, Belgium 2001.

Chris 'Chongo' Hosegood sent me these pics, God knows where he got them from. I remember this as being one of those great gigs. One that you don't forget. The Rockin' Around Turnhout event is basically a 14 bar pub crawl. Each of the 14 bars has a band playing. As a spectator you get a timetable showing who is playing at which bar and at what time. As a band we played 4 half hour sets throughout the night. People come and watch your set then run off to the next bar and watch another band. This goes on all night. Our first set we played to a full bar. We must of played well because an hour and a half later for our second set the word was out, the bar was now packed solid with a couple of hundred people who couldnt get in standing outside so they could hear the music. As you can imagine as the night wore on, with the excellent Belgian beer flowing, people were getting completely wasted (including us). Our last and fourth set at 2am was complete mayhem. It was gigs like this that made all the aggravation of being in a band totally worth it. Magnum 500 was myself (Matt), Dean, Conrad Leach and Chris Hosegood. Good times with good friends.