Friday, July 30, 2010

Satellite Of Love

How sexy is this Satellite wheel then eh?!

Seventy Three and Seventy Seven

Shige "Mooneyes" Suganuma emailed us these photos he shot in the seventies

This is Harajyuku Tokyo, 1973, and that looks like a Kawasaki WI.

And these two other gems are California '77

Thursday, July 29, 2010


...hipsters rule.

Hey Nonny Nonny

Costa Mesa.

Our mate Shane Trulin has a new neighbour. His name is Bruce. We will be keeping you updated with crazy Bruce Shenanigans as they happen. He has already had a ruck with some other bloke in a doorway this morning! Not only that but he was wearing that Batman mask at the time too! Oh Bruce you are silly!

Jeremy Bievenour

is great

Kustom Lane Gallery Presents...

You thought the first 2 were brilliant...well imagine what 3 is going to be like?! For more info...KUSTOM LANE!

Sexy Riser Sex