Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dead Stock T Shirts On Sale

We got a few dead stock T shirts left in various sizes, are they not rather lovely? yes, yes they are. And better still they are well cheap.
Short sleeve: USA & Canada $12.95. Europe and rest of world 12.95 Euros.
Long sleeve: USA & Canada $16.95. Europe and rest of world 16.95 Euros.
And that includes shipping too.
So if you want one email me to with your Paypal email address, what size and design you want and a shipping address and I will reply with a Paypal request. Sorted.

the colours in the pictures are not that accurate, so these are white, burgundy, black and another white.

these are white & red, red, olive green and white.

these are black, white, black and another black.

and these are yellow, white and white.
We also only have the sizes listed.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indonesian Sporty!!

Rizky rules it over in Indonesia.

I Want To Live Here

For Sale: 1972 Super Glide

Wes from the White Knights just sent me some pics of his scoot that he has decided to sell. I saw it last year at the Brooklyn Invitational and almost cried. I want this thing so bad.

1972 HD Superglide...all original...the odometer shows original miles!
Last year with kick only, reverse shift patteren and only year without the boat tail fender etc.....
A one of a kind, never seen another like it in person.


These guys have a great shop in Denver. I met them at the killer Love Thy Chopper show. Anyways, Dave was riding that Triumph back to the shop and this is what happened
"P.S. I don't know if I had told you the story about Daves motorcycle accident.We were about a mile away from the art show and this car cut behind Dave and split him off from the rest of us just before a red light. After stopping the guy in the car honked at Dave. Dave turned around and exchange words with the guy just before the guy rammed him with his car. Daves throttle sticks.Gets launched over curb.Does flying W. Lands it. Throttle still sticking. Loses it. Dislocates shoulder. Saved paint job with body. Police reports. licence plate numbers. The next day the guy turned himself in and said " I just lost my head"

New Issue!

Cycle Headz Magazine! It's a killer!

Swapmeet Score.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Eddie Zero.

We love getting letters from Ed Ryan. I wonder what the postman thinks?!

Handle it Mate.

Acme Choppers have just released these 5 pairs of wicked handlebars! ACME!

Get Sum.

Would you trust these people? Another glimpse into the past...The Kennedy Brothers...Issue 25.

Mini Bike Madness!

California 1984.

Our good friend The Sheriff from Sweden gave us a bunch of sweet ass pictures a few weeks ago on a CD. These are the ones from the folder labelled...California 1984! Clutch!

Hamans Chop Shop.

A couple of snaps from the photo shoot we did a couple of years ago with Hamans Chop Shop's beautiful slab sided Shovelhead featured in DicE Issue 19.