Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garage Zen

So most nights I go into the garage and just stare at my bikes, and Deans sometimes 'cos his bike is in there too. I love my bikes, it makes me feel so happy just looking at them, almost as much as riding the things. I often have to pinch myself, I feel so lucky to own them both.....and a great garage to work on and keep them in. All those years of wrenching and storing cyles on the pavement outside various flats I lived in in London, avoiding the dog shit that litters London streets and of course the rain, seem so far away now. I might be totally skint but life has never been better. Throw in all the great friends I have met over the years because of motorcycles and the happy meter goes off the scale.


  1. Same.... I can spend hours in my garage just puttering around my sickles. And people Ive met over the years have become some of my best friends! I DIG SICKLES!

  2. Agreed, we live in amazing times and places. Great scene and even better friends. As you would say Cheers Mate!

  3. Hell I'd live in your garage, even more room now, kinda sad the buggy is gone though.