Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We just got these wicked DicE x Joop serape belt pouches into Tri Co today.
Natural vegetable tan leather from India which will darken down with age. Mexican Serape bought from the USA. Nickle plated trigger snap from Japan. Hand crafted by our good friend Joop in Singapore. We only have 10 of these! All different colours, no 2 the same. They come in a little DicE baggie and as bonus you also get a leather serape coffin shaped key ring too! Only available in Tri Co. $99.00 plus Calif tax.
We met Joop in Japan and he was wearing one of these bad boys and we were like "Mate, where did you get that? It's brilliant!" He said, "I made it myself, it's the only one in the world." So of course we asked him, "Could you make a super limited amount of them as a DicE x Joop collaboration for the store?" He was all like "OK" and then we were like "Awesome!".
They fit on your belt. They are 5" high x 3" wide and an iPhone fits in there just perfectly.
Thanks Joop!!

Ed Ryan

It's always a pleasure to get a letter from Ed. Thanks mate.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Cor blimey

Compact And Bijou

Caleb is knocking together this awfully charming little ironhead. I like it.

Malibu Yesterday

I mean, wtf?!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mike Is Having A Bit Of A Do

He's sooooo cuddly

Ride To Work Fridays

I mean really? are we actually really doing this?

New Tri Co Girls Beaters

20 bucks. Only available in the Tri Co shop. So come and visit us then.

Coming Soon...

...Tears Of A Clown.
Photo: Ken Nagahara.

Devilina's Getting Married Next Weekend

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Thought Italy Was All Ducatis and Vespas?

Which is actually not a bad thing of course.
Tiziano's pan and Alex's knuckle on a freezing cold ride round lake Como. I was on a 70's Electra Glide with very little brakes and Mike D was on a Sturgis. We ate at a place where they only cook fresh fish from the lake. It was a great day.
Both the pan and knuck coming soon to the pages of this here magazine.


Davey...don't do it...I just paypalled you! I promise!

Davide's Wall Of Death: Pt 3

I don't know if any of you have been following Davide's Wall Of Death journey here on this blog? It's an amazing story so far although I'm not going to tell it again. Best go do a search of the blog and find the earlier posts, it's well worth it. So, here we are as of today. Davide has now managed to get all the pieces back to his home town in northern Italy after many road trips to Austria and back in a borrowed truck. He has been piecing part of the wall's history together too. It was built in Holland in 1940. The Dutch troupe then went on tour with it to Russia. After a show in Gorky Park the Russian army confiscated it at gun point and kicked the Dutch team out of the country. The Russian's trained some riders and the whole show went on the road again but this time behind the iron curtain, making appearances all over the 'mother' country of course, along with Cuba and Columbia (??) amongst others. Decades later it somehow reappeared in Austria where Davide found it. Back to Italy now and his dad knows a lot of people and managed to get a mate to hand over a sort of three sided building out the back of a factory where Davide could build the wall up and get some practice in. After some head scratching and studying of old photos, with the help of 3 really good friends, he got the main wall up. It still doesn't have the marquee top, stairs, 3 tired balcony etc fitted. Mainly because there is no space and of course he won't need it just for practice. The roof of the building leaked badly so he spent many a morning on his way to work fixing the holes with fibreglass and resin. Standing in the bottom of the wall is quite something. It's bloody huge. It's touching the roof for fucks sake. Standing in there looking around I realised one thing, there is no way in a million years you would get me riding a bike on those vertical walls, no bloody way. Anyway, our hero bought a cheap 100 Euro Cagiva dirt bike that he messed around with so it looks more the part for all those practice laps. Sometime very soon he will start going to the wall 3 times a week at 6am, get a few laps in, change his clothes and then head into Milan for work by 10. Along with Sundays as well he should be up and running in no time???!!! The 2 Indians are almost there. His plan is not to mess with the patina of the bikes and in fact the wall itself, at all. Just fresh motors and that's it. The magneto's arrived the other day so he is well on his way, money permitting of course. He hopes to do his first show in Italy in September and then go on the road proper next year. Amazing right?! this man is such an inspiration. Davide used to say to me at least once a day while I was staying there "Matt, you got to believe me when I say "Life is beautiful" fratello". You are so right my friend.