Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi Dean,

2 things I now regret about the weekend at Bottrop.

1. no zwaffeling
2. taking a dump in a plastic box

here is a picture of my cave that has some of the better junk in it ... (exept for the freak in the bottom)
pic by Duncan with a shit ass phone camera.

see you around

I Miss You.

Where did my 'Heart Breaker' go???

Black Angels, "Black Grease"

What a good mate Conrad is, he got me a ticket for a sold out show by the Black Angels in, of all places, Heaven night club in London. What a great night, what a great band.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

14 Hours in San Diego.

Just a couple of things I got at the Big 3.
Weiand 3x2 set up for OHV Cadillac 1949-1962.
Weiand 2x4 set up for OHV Cadillac 1949-1962.
Unfortunately I didn't find the studded leather vest there. This is from the world renowned Jimmy Munk-o Collection and is being held to ransom....

Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh My God!!!! Perfect. Single pie, single mash, peas and liquor. Just add loads and loads of vinegar and pepper.

A. Cookes Pie and Mash in Shepherds Bush, est 1899. I used to go to Cookes when I was a little kid seeing as we lived just up the road so to get lunch there today was a real treat. It hasn't changed one bit. The food is brilliant. You've all seen Quadrophenia right? well this is the place where the mods hung out.

For Hire

Chris Hosegood, vintage clothing catalog male model

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Um...Matt...We Have a Problem...

...The printer is mangled. Stevie has taken it apart and is convinced he can fix it.
I saw it and laughed. Then got worried. Then laughed again. Rich said there is no way he can do it and that it will blow up when he does put it back together.


The very talented and cuddly Andy Carter, mister Pangea Speed, made up these splendid foot peg mounts for the Shrimp Boat Captain. All they need now is a dip in the chrome bath and Bobs your uncle.

Phoenix, AZ. March 19th

Robbie at Foundry drew up a new flier with some sponsor info for our release party next month. If you haven't been to the Foundry compound before then give yourself a treat and come down on the 19th. It's a blinding place and the party is going to be a humdinger.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Simpleton... the greatest way.

The Factory Metal Works.

Fresh from 'The Factory Metal Works' are these 2 new killer items for your 2-wheeled-freedom-sled-chick-slaying-machine.

1.) Ripple Pipe for that Chopper exhaust....2-16 inch pieces in any od tubing up to 2 inch!
2.) Solo bates style seats....9.5 inchs wide and 13 inchs long on a countoured pan! Grey, black or white!

You only really need a pair of handlebars and your on the road...sort of.

New HBJ Out Now!

Eat The Rich

You need one of these shirts.

Burrito Rick

Michael Schmidt worked his magic yet again and went up to Nor.Cal to shoot a bunch of stuff for us...Amazing shit!
Coming soon...

June 11th & 12th.

If you can't make the DicE/Church Of Choppers Party in Iowa on June 11th because you live in could always go to this!

More Downtown...