Friday, February 11, 2011

The Courtesy

We stopped at the Courtesy on the way to The Love party in Phoenix a few week ago. It's in Blythe, a couple of minutes off the freeway. Unfortunately it is definitely showing signs of neglect, the fast food chains nearby are like a cancer, slowly sucking the life out of it. The owner showed me around the cocktail bar which was closed at the time being that it was 11 am. She then tried to get me to buy the place. It has two palm trees growing through the middle of the reception area. If you are on the 10 anywhere near Blythe pop in here and get some grub, it's rad.


  1. It reminds me of the coffee shop in Pulp Fiction. If any of you fucking pigs move, Ill execute every mother fucking last one of you!

    You know? I can't express how important it is to set concrete boundaries like that any time your pulling a robbery.

  2. that place is almost identical to a joint in Portland,OR. real close to Burnside.
    it's a shame places like this are disappearing at an alarming rate.