Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DicE/Repop Issue 50 Limited Collectors Edition.

Just 50 of these in collaboration with Jamie from Repop, when they are gone they are gone. What you get is one copy of the new and improved DicE issue 50 with canvas bag, 1 x DicE/Repop leather credit card holder, 1 x DicE/Repop skull ring and 1 x DicE/Repop skull key fob. All handmade in Los Angeles, US of A. Only 50 of each item crafted and never to be repeated. Jamie is selling 25 and we are doing the rest of which a dozen are available in Tri Co and the rest online right HerE.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Issue 50 Is Finally Here!!

At last, it's finally here! the new and improved DicE and in collaboration with Repop MFG. It's bigger (9.5" x 7.75"), it's thicker (132 pages) and it is a whole lot sexier. Every one comes in a cool canvas drawstring bag. This milestone issue is chock a block full of bikes and other great stuff. What's more, as an extra bonus the insert for this weighty tome is a brilliant Thrasher magazine special!
It's not just issue 50, it is Volume 2 Issue 1.
Get your very own copy right H E R E.

On The Road Again.

A few pics from our European trip so far.
Thursday we leave for Germany...Then Sweden...Then London again.
It's been amazing so far because of our friends and fellow party animals...You know who you are.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Issue 50 Update.

You know we had an issue 50 release party at Motorious in Copenhagen last Thursday? well it was a brilliant party let me tell you, The Dice beer was delicious (So I've been told!) However it turned out not to be an actual release party, mainly because there were no magazines to release!!  Issue 50 is now 10 days late from our new printers due to circumstances that are way to tedious to get into here. (I promise we will have this sorted by #51) We still don't have them and I am about to lose my shit. They were expected at any moment on any day last week only to be let down continuously. So where are we at now? well I have been told that we will  have our delivery, without fail, on Tuesday (it's a national holiday here on Monday). Every subscription magazine will go out then and single issues will be available online and at Tri Co. I really can't wait for you all to see it and thank you for your patience. It really is worth the wait.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UK Transplant.

Spotted this damn near perfect Triton, complete with UK license plate, outside Silverlake Ramen last night.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Turn Ups.

Yeah, this really did happen, Magnum 500 press shots round the corner from the Ace back in 1998. My Buick was the prop and I'm not sure why there is a pic of Mark in there.
Pics by Luke Beziat.

June 8th 2013.

Be there!!

Diceland Update.

Our very good friend, David built Diceland, it graced the fold out cover of Dice issue 48. Yes, he really did build the whole thing. Its now safely stored away in boxes awaiting shipping to Tri co so it can go on permanent display (we hope). So just to get us all excited David sent us a little teaser. Brilliant! He really is amazingly talented and we love him.

The Bike Shed.

Shoreditch, London tahn, last weekend. Just what the capital city needed. Pics by Gary Margerum.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DicE Issue 50 Beer Update.

P invited you to a Dropbox shared folder called "DICE BEER" and left you this message:

"Hi Matt and Dean
Here are some crappy vids of the beer being bottled and labeled !
The beers are absolutely FANTASTIC !!!! Drinking one right now !!"

Brilliant!! many thanks Patrick.
Come to the Dice/Motorious party in Copenhagen to taste one for yourself.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Dice/Repop Dual Throat Belt Buckles and Key Fobs.

The second design in a line of these beautiful S&S style belt buckles we are doing, made by the one and only, REPOP MFG! What can we say? They are hand made in the USA! They are top quality! They hold your trousers up. And to compliment those wicked cool buckles we also have these wicked cool key fobs too. We only made 100 of each so y'know, don't hang around, git one right H E R E