Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Harpoon Ship Design Skate Decks

8.5" wide. Canadian maple, made in California, US of A. Only 50 available right now, right HERE

The Verona Motorbike Expo. Italy.

Spent last weekend in one of 6 giant warehouse type buildings at the annual Verona bike expo. Its a massive event with all types of bikes, old and new, custom and stock. Its was a pain in the arse asking people to look after the booth while I went for a piss but I still had a great time. Got to see lots of old friends and made plenty of new ones. So many good custom bikes too, there is such a lot of diversity in Europe these days. It warms the cockles of me heart it does. Ciao, ti amo.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Coming Soon...

...Dan Auerbach and his amazing 1940 EL OHV, 'The Red Devil.'
Photo: Larry Niehues.

(P)ART: Photographs From The Harley Davidson Archive Revealing the Art of Mechanical Form.

We were so excited to be at the launch of the (P)ART photo exhibition that we helped curate with the Harley Davidson Museum last week.The show runs from January 16- May 17, 2015. It showcases 29 carefully staged and artistic photographs dating as early as 1912 that highlight the style of legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts. Used in advertisements, catalogs, manuals, and in other company publications, these parts are sculptural forms that illustrate Harley-Davidson’s early commitment to the form and function of a motorcycle.
Big thanks for the Harley Davidson Museum for having us be part of (p)art!
For more info click here!

Monday, January 5, 2015

D.I.C.E. Kids T Shirts

Dice, keep kids on bikes. Dice is primarily a life skills and motorcycle education program for kids of all ages.
Sizes are:
Ages 1-2: 12.5" wide armpit to armpit x 16" back of neck to bottom hem.
Ages 3-4: 13.5" wide armpit to armpit x 17" back of neck to bottom hem.
Ages 5-6: 14.5" wide armpit to armpit x 18" back of neck to bottom hem.
Available right now, right HERE.

Fat Luckys X DicE Giveaway Seat.

We teamed up with our good friend Sean @ Fat Luckys who made this fantastic solo seat as a giveaway prize to 1 lucky Instagram follower!

Check out all of the step by step photos HERE!

For a chance to win the seat go to our Instagram page or click HERE!