Friday, July 29, 2011

For Sale - 1967 BSA 441 Victor

$2700 or near offer

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glastonbury Gang 2011

Chainsaw, Conrad, Fidi, Dean & Jimmy Monk.

Wow..we looked wrecked...
I'm surprised we managed to even ride to Glastonbury on the Sunday after the Linkert Attack UK!! A weekend of excellence.
Pics: 'Fid The Lid' - Davida

Brooklyn 3.27pm

DicE/Loser Machine.

We are super pumped to have been asked by our good friends over at Loser Machine to be part of their latest 48 page catalog and fold out poster!
The next 10 people who buy $10 or more worth of DicE merch from our online store will receive one of these rad catalogs and a poster. The 20 people after that will receive a poster..starting from....NOW!

Falcon Ripped Off Again?!

Just got an email from Mich...

"looks like Troy Lee has done what Paul Junior did to the guys at Falcon except he even left their logo on the tank: his 'design' is selling on his website and on sites all over the USA and world when I looked it up on google. haven't seen anyone has pick up on this yet and found the junior story on dice so thought you'd want a heads up. the odds this would happen to them again are fuckin' crazzy..."

Santa Cruz Art Show - July 30th

Our good friends Adam Wright & Holly Anderson will be displaying a bunch of their amazing photographic work on July 30th. 12pm til 5pm.
It's gonna be a scorcher of a show!!!

Brooklyn 7am

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kiyo Lets It All Hang Out

"Hi matt,
i went to willow springs race way last sunday.
the lady took nice picture, so i send you! dice on the track!( see the #plate)
nice!! sorry i don`t have any fishing picture"

p.s. this man can ride! on and off the track.

East Coast West Coast

This weekend

and the Black Tibetans Friday night (see below). Yoink!

This Friday Night!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"hey matt!
i had to head up to milwaukee for a minute for some family stuff and when i got back im catching up on my reader and theres some fishin going on at the dice blog! nice stickers, one is going on my shovel for sure. i fish a lot down here in texas, mainly for bass in the local lakes, and with my brother in the bay for the big stuff. heres a few of me with a couple of the good ones (pre and post beardo) and one of an incredible bull red my little brother got in galveston. fish on!" -buscemi

Jeff's Back

Almost done.


"Hey Matt, here are some fishing pictures. The first two are from the lake I grew up on in Miami. Actually I grew up on a canal that led to the lake, the rich folks lived on the lake, the poor folks fished while the rich folks water skied. The first one is an Australian Peacock bass. They were imported to primarily southern Florida via the Amazon to control other fish populations. They get HUGE in the amazon. A ton of fun to catch. The second is a Snook. This is a good size one caught in fresh water on the same day. I think this is circa early 90s possibly late 80s not sure. The last one is a shit day of fishn, but damn my hair looked fantastic! Fishing, is one of the very few things I miss about Florida. Cali fishing is so different" Cro

Tommaselli Daytona

Sorprendente! molte grazie a mio fratello.