Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Case You Forgot...

...It's 'Hug A Hedgehog' day today....Well it is in my heart anyway. lol omg ttfn.


  1. You no they have lice! oh and you can eat them ! good as well.First gut them; chop the feet off , rap it in mud ;make an earth fire ( whole) put the little fucker in put damp leaves on top so you dont charcoal it eh presto 2hrs later supper ( Basic survival training) comes in handy when you can,t afford grub or you,ve spent all your money on a prehistoric bike like i do Cheers.

  2. Fuck me, that's a cute lil bugger.

  3. he's so fluffy, i'm gonna die :") one love for the hedgehog :")