Thursday, July 28, 2011

Falcon Ripped Off Again?!

Just got an email from Mich...

"looks like Troy Lee has done what Paul Junior did to the guys at Falcon except he even left their logo on the tank: his 'design' is selling on his website and on sites all over the USA and world when I looked it up on google. haven't seen anyone has pick up on this yet and found the junior story on dice so thought you'd want a heads up. the odds this would happen to them again are fuckin' crazzy..."


  1. Unbelievable... I thought Troy Lee was better than this. So lame.

    I guess Ian now knows people REALLY like his bikes.

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  3. I guess you know you've truly made it and are building cool bikes if everyone is biting them for their own products. Probably using freelance designers but you would think someone at TLD might recognize the bike.....lame.

    "Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal"

  4. Time for a copyright lawsuit or a 90/10 Falcon / Lee cut.

  5. i thought TLD was better too, till they started this "Affliction" look.... haha!

  6. I think this is another example of straight up lazy ass, young fucking punk "designers". Hardly anyone comes up with their own shit, they surf the net for pictures and download away. Just so happens Falcon has some of the best promo pics of bikes on the web, and to make it easier, the pics are all against white. Easy peasy, chicken squeezy.

    These kinds of "kids" need a swift ass kickings!