Sunday, July 10, 2011

19 Years Ago...

...This is me on my first motorbike in 1992. I was 12 years old. The bike was a 1951 Royal Enfield. 3 speed hand shift and powered by 125cc of raw power.
It was at an early Hemsby Rock n Roll weekender and I'm Rockabilly styling it in vintage selvedge LEVI'S and Gab jacket.
I'm not sure who took the photo?
'Memories, drifting through the pages of my mind...'


  1. Amazing! I want a copy of that photo.

  2. Remember it well Dean... I wanted to kill you for riding up and down outside my chalet at some ungodly hour of the morning (about 10am) while I was in bed with a hangover. Love you now though. Xxxx

  3. Argh Kid Rocker remember it well too! didnt you come and by my hotrod!! Happy Daz
    Scratch xx

  4. El Prez - You are the dream boat sir!
    Sonny - Yes of course!
    Steve - Sorry...and I love you too!
    Scratch - Oh my god it's been ages! How are you mate? Your channelled Roadster changed my life!

  5. Hey Dean Real good mate! Good to hear from you, still charging Hard mate! give us your email buddy and we will catch up!!!!! would of loved to caught up at Linkerts! ive still got a few toys....