Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Got Beard?

Well if you haven't then this will help.
Wait a minute, why haven't you?!
Gawd help us.


In Salt Lake City. Go Here. Yum!!!

A '55

A conversation:

"Hi Matt.
Long time, I hope you are doing good! How is the Magazine doing?
I got the 55 back again. Still same style, but lots of correct upgrades. :-)"
Runar Mathisen

"Hey Runar, how are you? It's really good to hear from you mate. The car Is looking great man. So you know what I'm going to ask you now right? What about selling it back to me? It's the only car I have ever regretted letting go"
Cheers bruv

"Hi Matt.
I am doing fine, thanks! Good to hear you are happy and Dice goes well!
I struggled to get the car back myself since I too was regretting selling it. The guy who had it in the meantime has done lots of upgrades on it. Engine rebuilt, trans. rebuilt, new el. system, new shocks, fenderwell headers(NOS), hi-rise Weiand intake, 2 x 4-ports (Edelbrocks), slicks in the rear, new head covers etc.... All this meaning I had to pay a lot more to get it back. If I should decide to sell it I’ll give you the opportunity, but as you probably understand the car is a “bit” more expensive now..."


A Trophy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wanted: Starter Motor

for a 90's evo sportster. This one is kaput so preferably one that works please.
love you

Dice, Max and Michael

We got together with 2 good friends and came up with this wickedly awesome limited edition poster for Yokohama. Its printed on super thick, super quality card and measures 19" high by 26 1/2" wide. You can hardly roll these bad boys up 'cos the card is so thick. Michael shot Max's knuckle at the 4Q headquarters and we did the rest. We only printed 100. We are taking most to Japan but will be holding back 25 to sell when we get back home.
Watch this space.

Friday, November 25, 2011

At Long Last. The Black Tibetans Debut Album

Here it is! At long last! Much awaited and anticipated! My Mum has
been waiting ages for this...The Black Tibetans debut album!
Out now on DicE records, #001.
12 Rock n Roll tracks mostly about Rock n Roll and Saturday Nights.
You are gonna love it mate!
We only have 150 pre-order copies and they are only available H E R E!
First 100 CDS come with a limited edition!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tri Co Black Friday

We have no problem with people sleeping outside the shop all night to get those early bargains.

7pm Saturday night.

Bolts Action SLC party bound. Hard core.

Jeremy's Burton

Jeremy got permission for some David Mann images and used one on his pro board for last season. Very nice right?, I want one so bad.

The Spot

I really like to go snowboarding btw. On Friday in Salt Lake City some friends invited me to a back country place where they train for their seasons movies parts and stuff. It's called the Spot. We drove up a fire road till the snow closed it then hiked up the side of the mountain. That was hard work, thin air and I am so bloody unfit but I made it. What a great location, peaceful and very picturesque. They got all sorts of rails and shit up there. And also these places they built out of wood called graves where they sleep and keep some gear. We got a fire going and cooked up some frozen pizza and brats. The boys tore the place up. Man those blokes can ride. I didn't and can't, I was a little out of my depth to say the least. Such a good day out. Big thanks to Jeremy, Seth, JP, John and Jake for the hospitality. Love you guys. Sorry for the crap iPhone pics. My SD card gave up the ghost.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Japan Here We Come!!!

Yes Indeedy!! Well its a Rock n Roll party on a Saturday night. Oh and Tuesday night too.