Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Weekend Just Gone

Just some random pics from last weekend. And yes, my speedo is knackered.
Back when Rosie was about 5 years old I used to take here to school on the back of a Norton Atlas I owned. In the UK the law is if the pillion passenger can reach the footpegs then its ok. So I folded the rear pegs up into the 'off' position and cranked the bolt down really tight. She could rest her feet on the ends no problem. Got her a helmet that fit and did the school run for about 6 years. That was the last time she had been on a bike with me until Sunday morning just gone. Rosie jumped on the back of the Sturgis and was immediately at home. The best passengers are the ones who are relaxed and you forget they are there. Rosie is just that, she grew up doing it so I guess it's all second nature to her. So much so that she was playing hangman and texting while we were tearing down the 710 freeway at 5.30 in the morning.
And taking pictures.

Me and Rosie when she was little. Around about 1994.