Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A '55

A conversation:

"Hi Matt.
Long time, I hope you are doing good! How is the Magazine doing?
I got the 55 back again. Still same style, but lots of correct upgrades. :-)"
Runar Mathisen

"Hey Runar, how are you? It's really good to hear from you mate. The car Is looking great man. So you know what I'm going to ask you now right? What about selling it back to me? It's the only car I have ever regretted letting go"
Cheers bruv

"Hi Matt.
I am doing fine, thanks! Good to hear you are happy and Dice goes well!
I struggled to get the car back myself since I too was regretting selling it. The guy who had it in the meantime has done lots of upgrades on it. Engine rebuilt, trans. rebuilt, new el. system, new shocks, fenderwell headers(NOS), hi-rise Weiand intake, 2 x 4-ports (Edelbrocks), slicks in the rear, new head covers etc.... All this meaning I had to pay a lot more to get it back. If I should decide to sell it I’ll give you the opportunity, but as you probably understand the car is a “bit” more expensive now..."