Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thursday Night Dice/Dixie/Sailor Jerry Pre Party.

Yup, that was mental too. What a fantastic night. Thanks to everyone who turned out, good times my friends, good times.
As you can see I stole this pic from Tsuru, mainly because drinking beer and taking photos at the same time is well beyond me.

Born Free Snap Shots.

Got there Friday afternoon and that's when I shot most of these iPhone pics. Saturday was mental, so many people and so very hot. Really good to see lots of old friends and meet many new ones too. And the bikes?!! blimey!!! What a great event, hats off to Mike and Grant.
More, proper, photos coming soon.

Kiyo Got Hitched.

Kiyo and Kat tied the knot at Born Free on Friday afternoon, Nash took care of the proceedings and everyone was very happy. Kiyo declared he loves his new wife far more than he loves motorcycles, you have been warned! Good luck to them both, it couldn't of happened to a nicer couple.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


European Hangover Tour 2013: Part 2.

All I can say about the journey from Esbjerg to Copenhagen is that is was wet.
Pics: Micky Boy Blue Micetich.