Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grand National Roadster Show

Zombie Contingency Plan

Everyone should have a zombie contingency plan.
Zombies are not complicated. It's not like werewolves or ghosts or vampires. Vampires, for example, are like the midddle aged/upper-middle class of the supernatural world. Some people think of vampires as rock stars, but really they are more like Martha Stewart. Vampires are prissy, they have to follow rules. They have to look good. Zombies are not like that. You can't exorcise zombies. You don't need luxury items like silver bullets or crucifixes or holy water. You just shoot zombies in the head, or set fire to them, or hit them over the head really hard.
Like I said, everyone should have a plan.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Our mate Andy Carter from Pangea Speed is a right Nutter!!!
Riding back to Utah from the Love party in Phoenix...they decided to pull over and relax...erm...yeah!
Photo: Steven Stone - Black List Visual.

First Ride...

I saw this picture and it reminded me of the first I ever ever rode the 'Heart Breaker' with Dan Druff and Pete & JP from Chops n Bobbers to Paso Robles 2006 or 2007? I can't remember...I was a little concussed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Clobber

Now what we have here are 25 marvelous hats from our bruvs at the Lovewright Company. We are giving these away with the first 25 orders we get.
Erm, ok, Blimey so these are all gone already, all 25 hats are taken. This is at 6pm pacific coast US time, January 25th. That was quick, many thanks to everyone who placed an order and sorry to those that missed them.

Issue 30 Out Nowzee

Oh yes it is, and it's brilliant even if I do say so myself. We have some changes for the new year too which are super. One being a new magazine insert called 6OVER which is all about riding and tech 'cos we all love to ride eh? of course we do. We have a new printer also and I have to say, OMG, they are fantastic, the print quality of this issue is off the chart. And all subscribers get a free Dice Bell sticker, and....wait, what? you don't subscribe?! erm, well, I don't know what to say about that, other than why the bloody hell not?!
Just to let you know, anyone who has a sub already, all the new issues went out last week.
Have a butchers ( Butchers hook: look. I know, I know, cockney stinking eel pie ) at the new issue here

A Gas Tank For Sale

well well well, what have we here? I'm going to tell you, it's a HD Hummer petrol tank. The key part has been filled the proper way, with metal and then body worked. The tank is in fantastic condition, no scratches or dents, it really is like new. It does not leak at all and is all ready to go. I don't have the cap for it 'cos someone nicked it but they are easy to get. Jaymes at Blue Moon Customs painted it and what a great job he did too. Sooooo cool. Are you man enough? $500 plus shipping.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Badge

Just made a shit load of these for the party Saturday night, free they is too.

Empi Imp

ok, so whats better than sex? um, well nothing really but this is close. Wait I hear you cry "What about owning this buggy and having sex in it?" yes, well yes, that would be very nice indeed. Damn, now I wish I owned it even more.
This Empi was featured all the way back in DicE issue 3! Bad news is, we sold out of that issue yonks ago...the good news however is that you can still see it in the DicE Book Issues 1-4...Hooray!