Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zombie Contingency Plan

Everyone should have a zombie contingency plan.
Zombies are not complicated. It's not like werewolves or ghosts or vampires. Vampires, for example, are like the midddle aged/upper-middle class of the supernatural world. Some people think of vampires as rock stars, but really they are more like Martha Stewart. Vampires are prissy, they have to follow rules. They have to look good. Zombies are not like that. You can't exorcise zombies. You don't need luxury items like silver bullets or crucifixes or holy water. You just shoot zombies in the head, or set fire to them, or hit them over the head really hard.
Like I said, everyone should have a plan.


  1. that looks like my truck but earlier!

  2. A twin I-beam Ford truck with a bike project in back? Son, you'll be toast pretty quick. I suggest an AK, 1000 rounds of ammo, and as much water and gasoline as you can carry for starters.