Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elv The Pelv.

Elvis Presley knew what was up big time.
Not only was he a gorgeous gorgeous man, but he rode Harleys too.
Yes, I would totally do him.


Jack n Jack.

Here is a pic containing my stencil homework.
I was drunk off Mr. Daniel's piss when I did it.
For a week I looked at it and wondered why it didn't show up as well.
Then I sobered up and saw the stencil had not been removed.
See you at the release party and the Invitational.
Unholy Motorsports
Hampden, Baltimore, Hell

Fate. Late. Mate.

I was taking the wheel off my Panhead after my blowout extravaganza on the 101 freeway coming back from Matt and Caleb's birthday shindig and I while I was waiting for the tube to be replaced I stared at my chromed and drilled rear brake and slid off into a dream like train of thought. I realized that this brake is a big deal to me and held lots of personal history. The first time I had ever seen it was when I was shooting Scott Craig's 'Scallywag' 6 years ago for DicE issue 3. From that very day I wanted a 1957 Panhead even if it was half as cool as that bike. I had never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would eventually be running my own with some of the parts from that very bike! Oh and what can I say about the Tony Nancy seat that was on the same bike too...not much...weird, my eyeballs are a little sweaty for some no, Ill be fine don't worry about me...I just have some dust in my eyes...bikers don't cry...I have to go.
ps. I really like the fact that I have to jack the bike up a ridiculous amount to make it level because of my 6 over 33.4mm.
Even then the front wheel is still on the floor!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Riders Italy Magazine.

Our buddy Paolo from Riders Italy just sent us a couple of copies of their latest issue and its a corker!! This issue has some great Scott Pommier photos, a style portrait on Neil Fenton from The White Knights, a great little write up on underground motorcycle magazines AND loads more! Oh and it only cost 2 euros an issue!!

Hot Rod Havoc/Two Wheel Terrors

Marky and Arie are diamond geezers and they are responsible for the great 'Hot Rod Havoc' DVD' motorcycle equivalent, 'Two Wheeled Terrors!'
Check out their BLOG-A-LOG-A-DING-DONG.

Good Old London Town.

Our boys Reino & Richard at THE GREAT FROG in London did us up solid and became a DicE stockist.
If you haven't been to the shop already to see all of the excellent jewellery, now you have 2 reasons to go!!
The Great Frog,
10 Ganton Street,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Geoff & Jason.

The Rodders Journal. What can we say? Best car magazine ever. Oh..and the people who put it together are sexy as hell.

Mooneyes Yokohama 2010

I am more than thrilled to say that my Panhead (Thunder Road Pickle Dog Cat) will be going over to Japan at the end of the year from the fantastic Mooneyes show in Yokohama. If you haven't been before and you kind of like will change your life!
Thanks Shige and all the guys at MOONEYES!

Peter Long Hair.

I shot Peter Long Hair's gorgeous XLCH at The Jokers show a couple of years back and we featured it in Issue 28. I wish it was in my garage...well actually Matt's garage...cause that's where I keep all my crap. Thanks again Matt it's only going to be for another couple of years or so. Dean XXX

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LeBeef Kustom Metal Works

We are very proud to announce that DicE is now an official stockist of LeBeef Kustom Metal Works parts that are all beautifully hand made in Sweden.
Mattias 'LeBeef' Anderson is an extremely talented fabricator and he also has great style so now you lucky lucky people can have a little piece of that on your very own motorcycle at a super reasonable price!

Springer headlight bracket. Fits OEM and reproductions of Big Twin and 45's 1936-49 Springer forks. Bolts on to the lower shock mount. Choose between chrome finish at $60.00 or raw for $50.00.

Shifter lever for HD Big Twin 4-Speed transmission in 2 models, Ratchet top (1952-early79) and Jockey top (1936-51) both priced at $90.00.

Seat spring mounts. Bolt-on type are Stainless steel at $60.00 and requires drilled 5/16 (8mm) holes for mounting. Weld-on type are $30.00 and come in regular steel and need to be painted.

The narrow seat pan that is 12 1/2″ x 8″ at $80.00

The wide seat pan that is 12 3/4″ x 10″ at $90.00

These prices do not include shipping. For any of these parts please email: and we will send you a paypal request. Please remember to specify which part and which finish.

Bob/Stockers UK

These boys are GREAT btw