Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DicE Issue 41...Slicker, Hotter, Better!!!

…What can I say...it's juicy...it's warm...it's like a pair of Lionel Blair's flapping in the wind!
It's DicE Issue 41
Inside this glorious bastard of an issue you will find a variety of motorbikes from California, Japan, Texas, Brooklyn, England, Phoenix, Connecticut, North Carolina, Sweden, Alabama...and more!
The cover was designed by Tina Charad from London, England and it brings us screaming into the 1980's...wait didn't the 80's already happen?....

Not only that...but inside you will also find the much anticipated return of Barracuda magazine!!!

Our mate Ryan has some pretty good patience. I have been telling him that we will shoot his bike for so long that it was completely rebuilt...then he got another bike...and that one was completely rebuilt in the meantime. So...aka...a Long Ass Time! Sorry mate!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, space travel is not far away for all of us...wait, sorry I thought I was writing the Style Bible.
Dave Karp's Triton.

Gak's Knucklehead is downright righteous. Nuff said bro.

Our Vice Grip brother out in Texas hooked us up with the scoop on his Panhead and my, is it sweet!!
Matt Jacksons Panhead. Photo: Greg C.

Jess' emailed me and said "Can I see the article before you run it because I wanna make sure there are not photos of my ass in it." Somehow I forgot to email her the article beforehand...I wonder why?
Jess' BMW. Photo: Michael Schmidt.

Yep...The Black Widows Part 1!!!
Andy's Panhead.
Photo: Anna Porter.

The Hungry Skulls Breakfast Club is an elite team trained in the art of finding a good cuppa and a decent fry up. David Death Spray rounded up only the finest team to this feast of feasts.
Photo: DSC

His third...yes third appearance in DicE! First with a crazy flathead powered Speedster, then a single cylinder Norton...and now this Harley side valve! Keep em peeled in a future issue for his 1876, Briggs and Stratton powered gyro 'copter.
Chris Hosegood's Flathead 45.

This Foundry Moto Evo Sportster is a lot like a refrigerator! it's about six feet tall, 300 pounds, it makes ice, and . . . um . . . Oh, wait a minute. Actually, this bike is more like a beer, it smells good, it's looks good and you'd step over your own mother just to get one! But you can't stop at one. You wanna drink another one! And another!...
(10 beers later) So I says; "Yeah? You want that money? Come and find it! 'Cause I don't know where it is, ya baloney! You... make me... wanna... wretch..."

His name is Harley and he owns this Triumph.
Photo: Shawn Diaz.

Jesus H. Seriously? We still doing this?
The Style Bible: Biker Ink.

I was able to persuade one of my fabricating and engineering hero's, Brandon to join DicE as our resident Tech editor!
Mullins Chain Drive Tech: Part 1.

Question: If it takes a train 22 minutes to get from Victoria station to Sutton and it does a steady speed of 18mph for 8 miles, why does it cost over 5 fucking quid??!!
Answer: Because it's England mate and you get raped on everything.
Danny & Lance's Suzuki.

This is The Carolina Kid built by The Factory Metal Works & Barons Speed Shop. Dig it sister.
Photo: Fran Kuhn

I was in Bottrop earlier this year with my soul mate Nicke Svensson when he shot this. It's LeBeef's Shovelhead and it looks like it rolled out of a Keith Weesner painting!! Lovely!
Photo: Nicke Svensson.

Spenser's bike is like a roundhouse-ninja-wizard-kick to the goolies!
Crouching tiger hidden dragon yo.
Photo: Benji Laney.

Dr. Glory.



  1. Foundry=crooks. That shitbox was probably built with stolen paypal money.

  2. Thats not Dave's Triton, its Nardi's. Dave just wrote the article

  3. hoping mine shows up soon, I'm having withdrawls