Friday, November 25, 2011

At Long Last. The Black Tibetans Debut Album

Here it is! At long last! Much awaited and anticipated! My Mum has
been waiting ages for this...The Black Tibetans debut album!
Out now on DicE records, #001.
12 Rock n Roll tracks mostly about Rock n Roll and Saturday Nights.
You are gonna love it mate!
We only have 150 pre-order copies and they are only available H E R E!
First 100 CDS come with a limited edition!


  1. Hell yes!!!! Dean that sounds awesome!!!congrats guys

  2. dean here is the stoner screen printers band jake and i were telling you about.

  3. Michael: Vinyl is coming soon!!
    Alien Poison: I Love you.
    Andy: You are the best!
    Leedog: What can I have a few hugs coming your way when I see you next!

  4. one copy for me please. my e mail for details. sorry for my english

  5. I want a 4 way with you guys! Dean, you stay in the back.

  6. got the cd yesterday. really digging it! nice work. cheers!

  7. Eddie & The Hot Rods - Teenage Depression