Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Spot

I really like to go snowboarding btw. On Friday in Salt Lake City some friends invited me to a back country place where they train for their seasons movies parts and stuff. It's called the Spot. We drove up a fire road till the snow closed it then hiked up the side of the mountain. That was hard work, thin air and I am so bloody unfit but I made it. What a great location, peaceful and very picturesque. They got all sorts of rails and shit up there. And also these places they built out of wood called graves where they sleep and keep some gear. We got a fire going and cooked up some frozen pizza and brats. The boys tore the place up. Man those blokes can ride. I didn't and can't, I was a little out of my depth to say the least. Such a good day out. Big thanks to Jeremy, Seth, JP, John and Jake for the hospitality. Love you guys. Sorry for the crap iPhone pics. My SD card gave up the ghost.

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