Saturday, July 2, 2011

De Luxe

John Copeland and Jeffro of the White Knights out of Brooklyn were in town with their bikes for Born Free. They mentioned a ride in the California sunshine would be a nice thing to do. They didn't need to ask me twice. I switched the computer off, called Troy and got my bike out. Caleb couldn't make it which was a shame, next time mate. Troy turned up on his just finished '67. Jeffro had his pan and John his twin carbed shovel and off we went. We rode up the back way to San Luis Obispo. Bloody amazing roads, just perfect. Memories are made of this sort of stuff. Here is a tip, get that Expedia phone app. and search for a motel at your destination. All sorts of special offers and last minute deals come up. We got 2 rooms at this rather posh chintzy place super cheap. When we arrived on the bikes looking sweaty and dirty a woman in the car park walked past and said we "looked out of place at this hotel!". I replied "really?" and laughed. She came back with "It's not funny!" and stormed off. Ok then. I was starting to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea. However when we checked in the staff could not of been nicer. Really great people, the rooms were killer. And they let us hang out in the hot tub drinking beers until late into the night. Got up the next day feeling splendid, we had some coffee then rode back all along the coast stopping a couple of times for some refreshments. We covered about 600 miles in total, John ran out of gas a few times, and all 4 bikes ran great. A really marvelous couple of days. Cheers bruvs, good times indeed. Ah well, I'm back to work then. Slacker.