Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DicE/Repop Issue 50 Limited Collectors Edition.

Just 50 of these in collaboration with Jamie from Repop, when they are gone they are gone. What you get is one copy of the new and improved DicE issue 50 with canvas bag, 1 x DicE/Repop leather credit card holder, 1 x DicE/Repop skull ring and 1 x DicE/Repop skull key fob. All handmade in Los Angeles, US of A. Only 50 of each item crafted and never to be repeated. Jamie is selling 25 and we are doing the rest of which a dozen are available in Tri Co and the rest online right HerE.


  1. Hate to piss on the picnic, but you do know it's supposed to be "too fast" and "too young" not "to", right?

  2. Yes, Jamie designed the cover and that's the way he wanted it.

  3. Ah crap!!! I only just saw this! Poo....