Monday, May 6, 2013

An Announcement.

We are fast approaching the release of our 50th issue, 10 years now and I still can't quite believe we've made it this far, however we bloody well have and it feels brilliant. You may have noticed we have no info or pricing for a subscription on our bigcartel online store. There is a reason for that. About a year ago we decided to revamp the magazine, new layout, new size, more pages, higher quality and with a new feel. We agreed that issue 50 would be the perfect time to launch the all new DicE. We also wanted to keep it under our hats for awhile. However that didn't work out too well, we were so excited we told everyone, we are crap at keeping secrets it turns out. Dean and I have been waiting patiently (?!) for the printers to send us a sample copy. A: because we were going mental just to see if all our work had been worth it and B: to get some idea of postage costs. The new magazine is a larger, thicker format and so therefore heavier. The mailing will be a little more expensive but definitely well worth it. If your sub needs renewing or you want to sign up for one you should be able to do that very soon. Or before you do perhaps order a single issue when it becomes available in 2 weeks time and see what you will be getting for your hard earned cash. As soon as we have figured out prices we will let you know. We are very very pleased indeed and extremely proud of the results. It's not just issue 50, it's Volume 2 issue 1. A whole new beginning. Every issue from now on will be a collaboration of some sort with people and companies we all know and love along with guest editors too. Issue 50 we have teamed up with Jamie from Repop MFG, 50 copies will be collectors limited editions which include some very special one off items made by the man himself, more on that soon. The regular copies all come with something rather special too. We also ran a cover competition for our readers. The response and subsequent artwork was amazing, we tied ourselves up in knots trying decide a winner. In the end we added more pages and picked not one but eight covers all printed alongside each other. Wait though, I'm giving far too much away!
Watch this space!
Matt and Dean.


  1. congrats mates! can't wait. If there are still issues remaining in a subscription will it be sent or will those people need to re-subscribe?

  2. Can't wait to see the new mag! Congrats and please, another 50 issues!


  3. Raising the bar again! Can't wait to see the new issue... and where you go with the next 50! x

  4. Can´t wait to get my hands on a copy! Greetings from Daniel J, Sweden

  5. I have a subscription for a year, let me know if I have to pay a difference... are curious and eager to see the new DICE magazine

  6. What size is the new magazine format going to be??? Love the upgrade Dice, congrats on 50 issues!