Friday, February 18, 2011


...Hand-built Frame with a 1915 Frontend and JD Wheels. EL Alcohol/Benzoyl-burning Special-twin-carburator Engine...


  1. Nice replica that H-D made. The original cases were blown up on the dry lakes by Stan Dishong of Vallejo, Ca. in the 40's. Some of the original body work was still around here in Sacramento in the early 50's. Stan gave the original cases such as they were to Jim Lattin when he was building his replica that Jeff Decker used to model his Petrali sculpture from. Joe lived just down the street from me from about 5 yrs. of age on. His family still lives here. He started work as an apprentice mechanic for Archie Rife here in Sacramento when he was just 14. His son David still lives in L.A. Doc