Monday, February 14, 2011

the Shrimp Boat Captain

So I sold my shovel and was able to purchase a new project, a '59 Pan Shovel. I started collecting bits and bobs and got to working on it right away.

I got an old Paughco Hollywood tank off ebay a few months ago. I posted some pics of it here on the blog. Randy painted it back in 78 and what a great job he did too. At that time I had no idea who Randy was. Then low and behold he saw the post and emailed me, he still paints. I tried to email him back but for some reason they kept bouncing back to me. So Randy, if you are reading this please could you get in touch again. I would love to get some history.
I took the oil tank and fender over to the one and only Sonny Boy and asked him to copy the paint. Well check it out, Sonny nailed it, he is the best, amazingly talented and one of the nicest blokes you are ever likely to meet.

I then hauled the roller over to Calebs shop to get some frame mods for the tank. What a good day we had, drinking beer, eating burgers, talking crap. Again Caleb is one of those people who is also super talented, a great person and a very good friend.

I still have some way to go with the bike, it's now back at home and waiting for the next stage. Damn I can't wait to ride it.
pics by Steviemonster


  1. Wow..I just got all warm and fuzzy insde...Looks great Matt.

  2. I don't see a straw or even a bit of garden hose anywhere...

  3. One of the next stages should be in the mail tomorrow.

  4. I'm allergic to shrimp, but I do love choppers!

  5. sonny is amazing! wow the bike really is looking great! i was a little weary of the streamliners on there when you told me thats what you were running, but hell they look great on it. did you end up chopping all the upper tank mount off, or just shorten it?