Friday, February 11, 2011

Born Free Three And Other Events

So the Grand National Roadster Show was on recently. We normally have a booth and many friends display their bikes and cars. It's always been expensive. However this year John Buck Enterprises, in their wisdom, decided to put the price up again, and we are not talking just a few dollars either, it was a big increase. It's now a $1000 to display a bike?! even more for a car, again a $1000 for a small vendor spot. From memory its over $30 to get in, $12 to park, $10 for a crappy burger and $9 for a Bud light. I mean come on, WTF! I must be missing something here, we have to pay a big wedge to the 'enterprise' who put on this thing to display a vehicle that people are then paying to look at?! Its a no lose situation for them. The GNRS is not alone either, lots of other events operate in the same manner. I do know it takes money and a whole lot of organising to put on a show that size but I'm sorry, I think they are taking the piss. Thankfully just take a look at various blogs and forums and you will notice that, this year especially, there are a ton of bike and car shows going on all over the US, Europe and other parts of world that are whole lot less expensive. Put on by people and sponsors who care. All of them will have great machinery to drool over, music, food, beer and good people. We should support them all, it is the future. The Born Free is just one of those events. And you can win a knucklehead chopper too! you have to buy a poster in order to get a ticket, you then have a chance of taking that bad boy home. You also have to attend to win, which is not a bad thing of course. The posters are in limited supply and they are going fast. Get yours H#E#R#E now before they sell out.


  1. Right on man, fuck the corporate fucks. BF3 is the anti-show in so many ways: cooler people, better sponsors, better bikes…

    So tired of this $$$-focused racket.

    My band will play any bike or car show this summer, anywhere in the US and A, for FREE.

    Hit me up if you're having a rally, a show etc. and want some killer riffs from some chill builders.

  2. Matt thank you for letting people know they do have a choice and there are a lot of cool events that won't break the bank. Dean darling I have a very cold towel for you.

  3. Just ordered my poster, West coast road trip with my Girl and Born Free 3... Roll on the summer.

  4. The wet towel really works Mike.
    But have toy tried underpants on ice?
    Now that really kicks it up a notch.