Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tomorrow Never Knows

Now me and Dean very rarely disagree on anything. Except when it comes to Elvis and the Beatles. I reckon we have had far too much Elvis on this blog. I mean I like him and his music, sort of. I've bopped to one or two of his songs, I won't deny it. Dean says the Beatles were the death of rock n roll and all that sort of thing. Total nonsense of course. In fact Dean wants do a T shirt that says "Elvis is dead. The Beatles were shit. Dice magazine" but I won't let him. I'm not a big fan of the early Beatles stuff, not until around 1966. Tomorrow Never Knows is marvelous. A sign of what was to come, a song that defined and kicked off (along with Syd Barrett) the whole psychedelic movement of the latter part of the sixties. Which in turn spawned more great bands and then heavy rock and onto metal etc etc blah blah.


  1. Mr D,
    Unfortunately, in his case, you are wrong. The Beatles are wankeriffic skiffle garbage and I wont have you lying 'bout it. Seriously, John Lennon wished every day he was half the man James Brown was. Yes, Revolver and Rubber Soul are

    But seriously
    Fuck The Beatles
    Let's Ride

  2. . . . oh. come on now lads . . . put these silly set-to's aside . . . thank the rock gods we were gifted with Keef, Bwian, Mick and the boys to keep the real essence of the music we all adore heading in the right direction . . . once again their contribution plays second fiddle to the ponderings about Lord of Lard and The Muppet Topped Liverpudlian mob . . . drear oh drear oh drear . . . love your work !!!

  3. I must admit Max I am warming up to the White Album...but don't tell anyone.

  4. I would totally buy that t-shirt.