Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Punta Allen

Man I had a bloody brilliant New Year. This was a highlight.
Punta Allen (officially Javier Rojo Gómez) is a small Mayan fishing village and the only land access is by a rough, I mean a mental potholed, 50 kilometre track.
The village has only about 4-5 blocks of sandy streets going inland from the sea and is only about 6-7 streets wide. There are 2 generators that run electricity to the village during two periods daily; 11am - 2pm and from 5pm - midnight. Bring a torch so you can find your way to the bathroom at night, without stepping on a scorpion, crab or any other creature of the night. The village has 4 mini markets, a frozen seafood store/house, a fresh seafood store/house, a produce store/house, a lobster co-op that makes ice. In fact Lobster is the main (only I reckon) source of income for Punta Allen. So we dined on a mountain of Lobster tails all for 500 pesos. So tasty it was too. There is a dock on the lagoon with a palapa roof. This is a good spot for watching the sunset and perhaps a feeding dolphin or crocodile. The area draws bone fishermen from all over the world who enjoy the saltwater flats and fly-fishing. We went out on a boat for the day. Good times.