Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Issue 42!!

Get your mince pies locked into this little beauty!!
Yes...It's Issue 42.
If you absolutely detest bikes, food, sexy men, dolphins, ninjas, wizards and ninja kicking wizard dolphins...don't buy this magazine!
Lu killed us with the magnificent cover...thanks baby!!

Actually... you get 2 great magazines in one here! DicE & GKM together!!! Who would have thought it eh?
Oh...and it's actually the 5th year GKM has been around, even though the cover says 4 years...I think someone was a little tipsy when they put it together...ahem.

Koski @ Sunrise Cycles is blowing some minds right now with this twin carbed Panhead!
Photo: Jon Dragonette.

Death Spray David takes his Triton out into the middle of the forest and builds a fire and cooks a meal. This is a fantastic article.
Photo: Joe McGorty.

It doesn't get sexier than this ladies.
Photo: Michael Schmidt.

Time warp twin carbed drag Knuckle. Oooh yeah it's a good one.

The Speed master was built by our main man Andy Carter at Pangea Speed in Salt Lake City and it is madder than a box of frogs!

Lee Dog & Stevie are members of the notorious 'Black Widows'...be afraid, be very afraid!!
Photo: Kelly Jenkins.

Gentry is amazing. Michael Schmidt is amazing. Put them together and what do you get? Yep...Ninja kicking wizard dolphins.

Adam Wright is one of my favourite people in the whole world and while he was in Sweden last year he shot another one of my favourite people in the whole world...Rickard!

1948 WLR Factory Racer. Say no more mate!

The story about Shane Taylors wicked Triumph needs to be read to be believed!
Photo: Ryan Salamon.

Our good mate Jeremy Jones from SLC graces our pages and tells us what the 16 things are he can't live without.

I love Brandon so much that I want to have his initial tattooed on my arm in a little heart. What? That's a totally heterosexual thing to do!
Photo: Ken Nagahara.

Matthew Tardel keeps it real with this super sweet Ironhead Sportster.

Garage Company in Inglewood built this Knucklehead for a very famous celebrity and we are not allowed to say his name, so let's just say it's for a football player called David Beckham.

I love Nicke so much that I actually have his initial tattooed on my arm in a little heart. What? That's a totally heterosexual thing to do!

Nice little Indian cut down from the one and only, 'Killer Bobbers' in Copenhagen. Photo: Robert Lund.

Available right now from H E R E O N O U R O N L I N E S T O R E and in Tri Co of course.


  1. Doesn't every bloke want to get a tattoo of Richmond's finest somewhere . . . ?? As for Lee and Stevefire, not only scary but the funniest stand up act on PooTube . . . Pan Lamp, Pan Lamp, Vidjeo, Vidjeo . . . you got me, I'm going to subscribe . . at long last !! Cheers.

  2. I think in one pic there is a man holding another mans knob.