Monday, June 21, 2010

Century Motorcycles Fathers Day Party

Seeing as I'm a dad and all that I took a ride out to San Pedro with some good friends early Sunday morning, and what a good day it was too. It's always hard shooting half decent pics at an event like this 'cos lots of stuff just gets in the way. However, here are some snaps.

A painting of Wild Bill Cottom on his Vincent. And his ashes in that gas tank, how cool is that? R.i.p Bill

Many thanks to Chris of Blue Collar Moto for organising the early morning meet up in Torrance and the ride along the coast, good work bruv.
And thanks to my daughter Rosie for this text she sent me when she eventually got out of bed "Happy fathers day to the best dad in the world! I know that having a daughter like me is gift enough, but you do have pressies on the way! xxx"
erm.....cheers, love you.


  1. She arrived ! Tanks

  2. Cool pictures & what a lovely "happy fathers day" comment :D

    Ride Free!!!

  3. Wow! I'm jealous... wish we'd got a ride in up the coast while I was with you. My kids got me the Frankie Boyle book "My shit life so far" for Fathers Day. Ha ha!

  4. Guy. Too bad you guys had to set up early for the event. We did a ride around PV and over the Vincent st Thomas.

    Matt. Congrads on finding your doughter. Lol

  5. All of you made this Father's Day Party the best we have had in the last 43 years. Yall made an 'ol lady the happiest woman in the world. Nuthin' in this whole world beats Family, Great Friends, and as many motorcycles and parts that you can hide. Family and Good Friends will always be there and with the right hidden motorcycles and parts you will always have new Friends. I know.. Kisses and hugs to all of You who we consider family members of Century

  6. PS There is a story behind every picture that you have posted. I will tell you about them sometime if you would like....