Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr B Sheene.

Our friend John Bradenham (incidently it was John who painted the Dice picture to your right that we use as our image for the buy Dice merchandice link) was going through a skip, as you do, when he came across this Matchbox model of Barry Sheene on the famous #7 Heron Suzuki and a signed photo. Now, knowing what big fans we are of the champ he packed them up and mailed them to us. I was screaming and yelling like a Japanese school girl when I opened the box. Many thanks John, you are a star.

Now I'm not 100% certain but this signed photo looks like it was from either '74 or '75 with Bazza on the #2 500 Suzuki. It would be interesting to know what circuit also, any ideas?


  1. i wanty a package in the post like that...

  2. Had that toy bike when I was a kid, now my little boy has it.