Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Magnum 500 At Turnhout, Belgium 2001.

Chris 'Chongo' Hosegood sent me these pics, God knows where he got them from. I remember this as being one of those great gigs. One that you don't forget. The Rockin' Around Turnhout event is basically a 14 bar pub crawl. Each of the 14 bars has a band playing. As a spectator you get a timetable showing who is playing at which bar and at what time. As a band we played 4 half hour sets throughout the night. People come and watch your set then run off to the next bar and watch another band. This goes on all night. Our first set we played to a full bar. We must of played well because an hour and a half later for our second set the word was out, the bar was now packed solid with a couple of hundred people who couldnt get in standing outside so they could hear the music. As you can imagine as the night wore on, with the excellent Belgian beer flowing, people were getting completely wasted (including us). Our last and fourth set at 2am was complete mayhem. It was gigs like this that made all the aggravation of being in a band totally worth it. Magnum 500 was myself (Matt), Dean, Conrad Leach and Chris Hosegood. Good times with good friends.

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