Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Dear...

Matt: When did you last oil that thing?
Dean: What do you mean? The other day I think...yeah I'm sure I did. Oh was gas I put in. No mate I have never oiled it.
Matt: Maybe you should tighten it up too.
Dean: Maybe you should tighten it up too Max! Don't be so mean all the freaking time you freakazoid.
Matt: I'm trying to help you out mate.
Dean: Yeah, well don't tell me how to live bro. Yes my primary chain is dryer than Ghandi's flip flop, but I was going for that ol' skool look.
Matt: Cool man, you nailed it.


  1. Maybe you should tighten it up a bit...

    and oil it...

    just sayin...

  2. Don't you start!
    Maybe you should get on with your DicE cover instead of wasting time on stupid blogs...oh wait...Ill email you the font in a bit.

  3. turn that chain oiler on on your oil pump! shim it out a few thousanths

  4. No need for any of that work. I solved the problem! I sold it and brought a Prius.

  5. one step ahead of you Dave...
    Article coming soon...