Friday, January 21, 2011


This is my neighbour Jeff Labeouf, dad of Shia. He's an amazing bloke, Vietnam vet, artist, poet, ex circus clown, stand up comedian and life long biker. He is out on his custom Cross Bones pretty much everyday, rain or shine. Often when I'm working on my bike in the garage he will shout out. I then climb over our adjoining wall and join him while he twists one up. He usually starts reciting his poetry and doing some of his stand up routines. Very funny and insightful too. We talk about art, bikes, life, the universe and everything in between. After a couple of hours of this I try and climb back to my place, always harder going back over because more often than not I'm completely schmasted by then. Jeff rules.

Incidently Duane Ballard did all the leather work, small world eh?


  1. Love it! Are there homes for sale nearby? I want a cool neighbor!

  2. You LA dwellers get to touch stars and there parents too. That just how it is down there I guess. Trippy cool stuff.