Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Patrick sends us some photos he shot in the French capital. That's his super nice blue AJS. In fact all these bikes were built by Parisian NortonFred.


  1. I met a parisian guy in 1986/7 - went round to his place [east sideish, nation/republique] and he showed me pictures of his trip the year before to Scotland [?!?] on a rigid norton and some other bikes.... was that Norton Fred? I was on a sporty and was introduced by The Steaming Muslims [philippe waty/tristram] - am I right?? Nice bikes Frenchies.

  2. right about the steaming muslims (les musulmans fumants) and tristram and philippe...

  3. except the 6t Thunderbird !!!! made by me mimo !!! a good friend of those of fellows