Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tree Hotel

The Mirrorcube by tham & videgard architects - one of the rooms at the Treehotel. The Mirrorcube stands four meters high and four meters wide. It's attached to a single tree and is clad entirely in mirrored glass.

The interior of the Mirrorcube.

The Treehotel is set to open this weekend. Located in Harads, Sweden about 60 km south of the arctic circle - currently consisting of four rooms: The Cabin, The Blue Cone, The Nest and The Mirrorcube. The project was conceived by Treehotel co-founder Kent Lindvall, a former guidance counselor who came up with the concept with his wife Britta. Two additional structures are scheduled to open in October: the UFO and a Room With a View. These first six structures were designed by five different architects;sandell & sandberg, interior group ab, marten cyrene, inredningsgruppen and tham & videgard architects.

The Bird’s Nest room designed by inredningsgruppen - artist image.

The Bird’s Nest concept is based upon the contrast between exterior and interior. From the outside it appears as a big nest, only the scale separating it from other nests in the vicinity. Discreet windows are almost hidden by the network of branches. Inside it’s a high standard room with modern design. A coachwork panel decorates the inner wall. There is space and beds for a family with two children. The bedroom is a separate room with sliding doors. You access the nest via a retractable staircase.

Rendering of the Cabin Room.

Drawing of the tree sauna. The sauna is intended for up to 12 people at any one time.

The Treehotel will be open all year round, so guests will be able to benefit from either a hot summer or a cold winter. In five years time, the hope is that the Treehotel will have 24 rooms each designed by 24 different architects.

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