Monday, August 20, 2012

Riverside. Putney, London.

Come on, hands up everyone who rides a Harley in and around London who hasn't been saved by a much needed part from Jeff's shop. There's not many that's for sure. He may be expensive and he doesn't suffer fools lightly but you want an MOT, or the best Harley mechanic in Britain (yes Toshi, that is you) to work on your bike if you can't be bothered to do it yourself, or indeed you need a part desperately, from any year, then he is your man. Jeff and Toshi were also in the group of us that rode down to the Linkert in France and you couldn't ask for better riding mates.
Cheers bruvs.


  1. Bought an original horn switch out of that tray for a tenner. The cheap made patten one always gave trouble, that one worked no problem.
    Tosh is not only the best Harley mechanic in London he's the best dressed too. Proof... just check out that t-shirt!

  2. Thanks Matt, come up for beer while Sun is showing up! and you Steve Thanks.

  3. Unreal window to another world, can almost smell it.