Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dice Party. Brooklyn. Friday. September 21st.

On the Friday evening in Brooklyn, the day before the Brooklyn Invitational at around 7pm, we are having a special showing of 6over at a movie house in Williamsburg. It's free to get in but is limited to only 100 seats. More info on where to get tickets coming soon. Right after that is the Dice party, also in Williamsburg, at the Gutter Bar. It's a great venue, bowling, beer and music. What a special day for fun then. And what a weekend to be in NY.

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  1. great idea showing the "6over".....
    we talked at the KK in Bottrop last year and I bought some of your mags, but u might not remember cause u were not sooo fit in the morning.... ;-)
    will come from germany to NY and hope to get 4 tickets so i can go and see the film in NY then. :-) would it be possible to ship the tickest to an address in NY ? or will they be given out on the 21st ?

    ride free & wild