Tuesday, August 14, 2012

France For The Weekend

I rode the pan over to France for the weekend, went on the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe. That route drops you off in Dieppe at 4.00 am, not much to do in that town at that time of day so like any normal human being I went in search of coffee. No chance, everything was well and truly shut. However, on my travels I came across all these roadsters parked up in the town centre, what great sight. Not a soul around and a whole row of go fast machinery. Brilliant. I spent a good hour taking it all in while I waited for the sun to rise. Once there was daylight I headed off into the back roads of the beautiful French countryside. I still say it's some of the best riding you are ever likely to do.

On the way down to Newhaven I stopped at my brothers new gaff for some lunch and a few glasses of wine. His new place is this wicked 70's ranch type home, somewhat rare to find in the UK.

And this is my sister in laws 1991 dolphin tattoo.


  1. Your brother's house looks like it could be in Indiana, right down to the trees.

  2. Fantastic cars amazing to come across Wow !