Thursday, August 16, 2012

1000 Mile Ride: Part 3.

Ok so it's the day after the release party and I'm slightly hungover to say the least.
Luckily Max had given me his life saving Linkert float the night before in the bar and amazingly I didn't lose it or break it! Here we go again...for the last time...carb comes apart and it's then I can see the difference in the size of my swollen float and the new wonder it was pissing gas!

Instead of riding straight home to LA we decided to ride over and spend the day in Richmond with Brandon at Mullins Chain Drive. Perfect...take it easy...get some rest...yeah right. We spend the day listening to Iggy & The Stooges on full blast and getting smashed. I think at one point I muttered... "This is one of the greatest days in my life." True Dat. the greatest day of my life. I'm slightly hungover to say the least...again. Fuck it...let's do it. Our aim is to get half way back and stop somewhere on the coast because the freeway sucks titty balls.
Turns out that the only interesting thing that happened on the 101 freeway was when my rear spark plug flew out as I was in the fast lane. The noise and air pressure coming out hitting my leg scared the piss out of me. Apart from that is was boring as fuck...until we got to Paso Robles and did a right on Highway 46 to head to the sea...and saw this..!

 The same lonely 2 laner that James Dean got killed on...

We stopped here for the night...ate amazing sea food...drank cold beers....fell asleep listening to the ocean.

We woke up at 5am and jammed the last 250 miles back on the 101 because we suddenly realized that it was Tuesday and not Monday!
Thunder Road Pickle Dog Cat made it and I was so very proud.
1000 miles.
20 tanks of gas.
6 spark plugs.
2 carb floats.
Priceless memories with great friends.


  1. Great finale, nothing worse than a bloke with a swollen float, painful and leaky . . .

  2. The best kind of trippin, is road trippin'