Friday, July 20, 2012

The Water In Mallorca Don't Taste Like...etc etc

Paradise. It's also an amazing island to ride a bike around, the roads are as smooth as a babies bottom with plenty of hair raising mountain bends to keep you entertained. Just saying.


  1. Somebody casually mentioned to me, "Matt and Justina have a place in Mallorca" recently. I was envisioning a sterile condo, not a balcony facing the Garden Of Eden. Whoa.

  2. Yeah, but Itstoofackin'ot. By the way it's stopped raining here. No, hang on, it's started again. Sorry. G

  3. In which town is that little harbour on the second picture?
    Looks very nice.

  4. Very beautiful places. Where did you take this photos?

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