Sunday, July 15, 2012

For Sale.

Caleb says..."This Pan-Shovel was originally built by Thomas Torjesen a few years ago when he was working with Cole Foster. The new owner lives out of state and hasn't had time to ride it. I rebuilt the motor, swapped the carb to another zenith, and rewired it to 12volt over a year ago. After I did the motor work, I rode it 300+ miles. The owner rode it 20 miles from my house to were it sat for over a year . There is nothing mechanically wrong with this bike. Other than the motor work and 12volt the bike hasn't changed since it was built. It has two small dings in the paint on the right side tank. minor and easy fixes. I just got it to my shop, it will need a battery, clean gas, and the carb gone through to get it back on the road, other than that its golden.
Please email me if you are interested."
Caleb Owens.