Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Issue 45 is HERE!!!

That's right! It's here and it's a such a good issue that we couldn't just do one cover, we did 4.
The extremely talented Michael Bay designed them and you can collect them all and be a hero within the friendly biker community and the envy of everyone!

 The 'zine within a magazine this time is the expertly executed as always...Motorcycho!!!

Lake Como, Italy: Alex's Knucklehead.

Los Angeles, CA, USA: Craig's Laverda SFC.

Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Oliver's Shovelhead.
Pic: Magic Ken.

Barcelona, Spain: Nuri's Yamaha SR.

Phoeniz, Arizona, USA: Big Chris' Knucklehead.

Stoke On Trent, United Kingdom: Sean's Shovelhead. W-W-N-W-W.
Pic: Jonny Wilson. 

Sherman Oaks, CA, USA: JD King Big Twin Evo. 
Pic: Michael Schmidt.

Yuba City, CA, USA: Mike's Knucklehead.
Pic: Scotty Todd.

Costa Mesa, CA, USA: Noise Cycles Shovelhead.
Pic: Michael Schmidt.

The Countyside, United Kingdom: Norton by DSC.
Pic: David Death Spray.

Ricmond, CA, USA: Mullins Chain Drive tech.
Pic: Ken Nagahara.

Toronto, Canada: Jason Parkers Panhead.
Pic: Honrio Cham.

Stockholm, Sweden: Micke's Panhead.
Pic: Nicke Svensson.

Los Angeles, CA, USA: My Favourite Things with Ryan The Hummingbird Man.

Szczecin, Poland: Redu's Suzuki GS400.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Jamesville Triumph.

And last but not least...Imogen by Michael Schmidt.

Subscribers: You lovely human beings will be getting yours very soon and it will be like a sort of Lucky Dip bag. Who knows which cover design will come in the post.

And as always anyone and everyone can buy single issues, subscriptions and a 4 pack right H E R E

We love you all!


  1. great work and last but not least... OMG! cheers!

  2. AAHHHH!! I'm a sucker for collecting certain things. Now, I have to have all 4 covers!! Who was the genius behind making me buy 4 different covers of the same issue of Dice? Damn it Dice! David V.

    1. Haha, sorry Dave. The artist sent us 4 covers so we could choose one. Huge mistake, we loved them all. Then I called the printers and tried to low ball them on doing all 4. That didn't work but in the end we thought "hang the expense" and printed them all any way. We just couldn't choose.

    2. Oh, now its the printers fault! Just kidding. Awesome Work. Imogen makes it all worth while. Be seeing her in the bathroom later on this week! In the bathroom you say? Yes, while READING Dice of course, what else!! Some of you have dirty, dirty, minds!

  3. Holy hell.. This issue is awesome. Good job fellas.