Monday, July 9, 2012

Linkert Attacks, France - The Show.

Ok well I already posted about the fantastic ride down to the show and back again, now here is a bit about the Linkert itself. Everything about this event was magic. The bikes, I mean the bikes! amazing, more old Harleys than just about any other place I've been. From all over Europe too. Brilliant food and drink, great music, excellent location, the best people too. Fred, I take my hat off to you mate, you did a marvelous job putting this together. The next one is in 2014. If I miss it I will punch myself in the head, very hard.


  1. Captures the 'ness' of it all brilliantly, must be some great gig . . . lanterns shot is pretty as, I know that sounds soft but what the hell. Cheers.

  2. Does anyone know the date and location for the 2014 edition? Thanks!