Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1000 Mile Ride: Part 1.

The DicE issue 45 release party was in Oakland last weekend and it was a fantastic shindig. Me and some friends had decided that we would take a few days out to ride the scenic way there and back and make an epic 'Boys Weekend' out of it.
Hollywood 10am. Roll the bike out...turn the gas on...and oh fuck...there is gas pissing everywhere. It's a bad start! Fuck it, I'll limp it down the hill to where everyone is meeting and fix it there because smashing the fuel bowl to un-stick the float is not working! better start getting used to this cause this is not the only time I'll have to take this bitch apart. 1/2 mile down 999 1/2 to go. Carb comes apart for the first time and goes back together and seems to be OK. Little do I know. I go into the 101 Cafe and they are playing 'Big Hunk Of Love' on the jukebox...I'm now certain it's going to be a blinding trip.

Oh's the same 2 photos...oh wait no it's not, this is 10 miles later at a gas station at the beginning of Topanga Canyon. Me & Robo take the carb apart 5 times and put it back together, each time trying a variation of things and then I call the master, Kiyo. Boom! Float level gets set properly...but the float still seems a little to big for the bowl and seems to be catching. Fuck it, it seems ok, let's boogie! It's now 1:30pm

Yes! We made it the 15 or so miles to PCH. Time to celebrate with beers!
We stopped in Los Olivos so I could get another 2 beers and soak my twisted ankle in the fountain. I go inside and they are playing 'Don't Be Cruel' by Elvis...things are good again and both bikes are running strong...

Los Alamos and time to stop for more beers. We leave and gas up before hitting the freeway and as we do we see Jordan Graham riding like a maniac towards us on a desert sled BSA with no lights. he slides to a stop and says..."I just saw your photo on instagram and I live a block away, come and check out the Knucklehead I'm building!" Right on...we head over and hang out for a while and hit the road again.
 We roll into San Louis Obisbo at 11pm and it's time to get some sleep. At 11.01 we are sound asleep...
At 12am Robos phone buzzs with this picture and message from Michael Barragan saying... "I'm leaving now, see you in the morning." Holy balls he is crazy and he is going to freeze his arse off....

...7 hours later. Look at this fucking guy! Legend! Rode through the freezing cold night solo and he couldn't be more pumped about it. Let's Ride!
After a fantastic ride up the PCH we stop at Ragged point and see this. It even has mist floating between the trees just like the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' video! I try out my zombie moves and Rambo promises us the 'best view ever'. Can't see shit, it's too misty, thanks robo you dick.
 Back to it...My bike is starting to run like shit and gas is pissing out again so I have to keep the throttle wide open to compensate!

Quick stop here cause the view is unbelievable. I'm pretty sure that in the picture of me on my bike I am texting Max Schaaf to see if he has a spare Linkert float cause mine is total shyzenhouzer and the bike is now running really terrible.

We stop in Monterey for food and I get the picture above from Max. Thanks man you are a life saver! It's at this point that things get a little stressful because we are still miles away so we have to hustle! Oh yeah...and I have to play a show with The Black Tibetans & Michael has to play with Drag News at the party!! Time is running out.
We are 30 miles from Oakland when Michael realizes his frame is cracked. Fuck! We are now all exhausted, it's 7pm and the party starts at 8pm! We take our chance and jam full throttle.
Hot's 7:45 and we made it! No time to fuck about...we got beers to drink and then set up all the band gear so we can play some Rock n Roll!

To be continued...


  1. Right on! One of those epic adventure everyone needs to take.

  2. Sorry I missed it! Very proud of you Dean!!!

  3. looks like you guys had fun. cheers!

  4. Too good, I await the 'more to come' with antici-pation !!

  5. I have a dellorta 38,it,s sometimes fills up as well, even had petrol comeing out ov the overflow big time.The floater has been changed three times now (wonder if there made in indochina?) .Any way i luv yer story,s,and although yer a young pup i can relate.

  6. wooow super