Saturday, June 2, 2012

W&W Parts Galore!!

The lovely people at W&W have a new catalog available and it is absolutely mental!! Not only do they sell all kinds of sweet motorcycle parts from around the world...but I was just browsing their site and saw all kinds of other neat reproduction 1940's deck jackets,  helmets, sunglasses, books, magazine DVDs and tons more!! They even have the very hard to get Red Wing engineer boots that are only usually available in Japan.
Cor Blimey!


  1. Yeep, cool jackets and boots, but they reduce their stock parts for our old iron from year to year. That's not cool.

    1. Bono estentes, Wishbone69,

      naturally a lot of original OEM stock from the golden days is running out, but we keep getting stuff reproduced in a roadworthy quality and hence we add more and more parts for 1905 to 1969 tractors every year. What's it what you're missing?

      your W&W guys

  2. Yeep,

    more parts every year, but you know how less the quality of these polish repop parts are.
    My Pan motor repair stopped several times because simple parts are missing.
    Like screws for the pan covers, W&W had exactly one screw, or bearing rollers.
    Don't understand me wrong, you guys has a wide range of goods and often good quality. I'm a buyer for 20 years now, but I don't need stylish clothes if my Pan is not running because the sleeve for the star hub is not available.

    More and more guys ride aftermarket engines like S&S and it is not cheap to have a large range of good quality parts for the old oem engines just to satisfy a few guys, you have to earn money, I understand that, but the story about roadworthy quality repro parts is not true.

    Cheers and Gude